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20 end of the 1950s, Bill & middot; Bowerman was an experienced track and field coach, but he did not like was made with thick leather and metal running spikes. So he began to devote themselves to study how to reduce the weight of running shoes to help runners shorten their race time, and he's such exploration eventually redefined the sports shoes. Prior to this, Bowerman endless curiosity and drive has made his achievements in many fields: in 1911 was born in Portland, Oregon, when he was in school at the University of Oregon is an excellent student-athletes, followed by the highly acclaimed at the time as a high school football and track coach. He participated in the Second World War, and the spoils, became a hero. In 1948, he returned to his alma mater to teach in coaching 24 years, he led the University of Oregon, won four American college students sports league & nbsp; (NCAA) & nbsp; track and field champion, has trained 16 potential energy within four minutes to finish one mile athletes. Moreover, in the 1960s, he also introduced jogging Eugene community, and later developed into a national movement. He also served as the 1972 Munich Olympics US track coach. Bill & middot; Bowerman and an Oregon track athlete, about 1969 Bowerman also Phil & middot; Knight & nbsp; (Phil Knight) & nbsp; mentors, coaches, and friends, who in 1964 co-founded the Blue Ribbon Sports company & nbsp; (Blue Ribbon Sports), also is Nike's predecessor. His confidence and assertive to help companies create a business model first - to introduce and sell Japanese-made sports shoes, this model is not only a great success, and constantly evolving. However, the fact that permits Mingbaoerman own shoes innovative design bigger influence, and thus formed through the perspective of the athletes Nike to design a revolutionary product concept. create better shoes Bill & middot; Bowerman in Eugene in a laboratory, about 1980 50 years of the 20th century, was originally started from Bowerman repair shoes. At that time he wrote to a number of footwear companies, proposed to enhance the performance running shoes for runners to better serve the idea, but no one accepted his advice. Although frustrating, but Bowerman and did not stop, at a local cobbler's help, he learned how to shoe their own hands. At first, he used a band saw to dismantle some of the existing running shoes cheap foamposites , to understand its internal structure. Then, he tried to make the metal and plastic spikes plate, also different coat different shoe soles. Later, Springfield A system boots maker gave him some technical advice, but also taught him how to make like shoes. Bill & middot; Bowerman and Phil & middot; Knight at Oregon Phil & middot; Knight was the first to try on shoes Bowerman student-athletes. August 8, 1958, Bowerman wrote a letter to Knight, he proposed to weight training and running training advice. At the end of the letter he adds: Do you think what kind of shoes is a pair of good running shoes, please tell me. By the time school, you will be able to put on. Bowerman handmade shoe upper with a white plastic coated fabrics - "a way to scrub with a sponge tablecloth material," Knight's shoe size is just numbers. Bowerman Knight said he was chosen to try, because "I am not the best team performance of the athletes, Bowerman can without much risk case, I do experiments." For whatever reason, the young man at the train one night to try a pair of shoes, but wearing only a moment. His teammate Otis & middot; Davis & nbsp; (Otis Davis) & nbsp; see also want to try these shoes after, and especially like the shoes, then there is no longer returned to Knight. In fact, Davis is wearing a pair of running shoes Bowerman homemade won league championship and get 400 meters gold medal at the 1960 Olympics. In order to create better shoes, Bowerman by his students sketched foot-shaped profile, measuring foot wide, marked personal characteristics, such as the heel or ankle is small and so long to custom fit them for their shoes. He tried a lot of material, such as kangaroo leather, velvet, buckskin, snake skin and even to find the ideal lightweight, flexible and easy recovery of material, and a week to design a new sports shoe. With his kind of shoes more and more sophisticated, mature, he began looking for continued cooperation in the footwear company, but always in vain. In August 1960, a company in Portland wrote a letter, Bowerman request the use of steel as Spike, he writes: Most US shoe manufacturer for our track and field coach of track shoes are not considered suitable sense interest. Now it seems that the best shoes are made in Germany, but the material is not very good, I can replace their soles, or make your own. I think it is no problem, I'm sure I d cheap jordans esign shoes are the world's best, if I can find some good American footwear manufacturers to produce better. shoe factory Another opportunity is in 1964, when Knight and Onitsuka & nbsp; (Onitsuka) & nbsp; soon, consider cheaper Japanese performance running shoes can also be compared with the excellent quality of German shoes. Subsequently, he and Bowerman each invested half, imports and sales in Japan running shoes, thus Bowerman idea finally put into action. In May 1964 the company wrote a letter Onitsuka, Bowerman expressed his thoughts: I hope you cooperative arrangements with Mr. Knight allows me the freedom to put my ideas into my running shoes have been studied Athletics . Bowerman coming throughout the summer are engaged in design, and in the same year in October with his wife Barbara went to Tokyo to watch the 1964 Olympic Games, there were three of his students participate in the competition in Oregon. Bowerman couple spent more than a week in Tokyo to founder Bowerman with Onitsuka and & nbsp; CEO & nbsp; Onitsuka hi Hachiro & nbsp; (Kihachiro & nbsp; Onitsuka) & nbsp; and one corporate executive S. & nbsp; Morimoto & nbsp; (. S Morimoto) & nbsp; Mr. meet. Bowerman presented their ideas, and visited the factory, learning tailoring and stitching machine operation. He was confident Japan's shoe-making process, and with the two business leaders to establish a relationship to ensure that the future design of shoes and his suggestion was adopted. Cortez & nbsp; dawn Bowerman and Onitsuka Tiger's first breakthrough in 1965 once the spring track meet. The Games, the University of Oregon distance runners, the future Olympic marathoner Kenny & middot; Moore & nbsp; (Kenny Moore) & nbsp; ran into the runway next to his teammates in the 880 meters race, this mistake led to the outside of his foot was Spike stabbed, resulting in stress fractures. But also contributed to the injury Bowerman designed an enduring sneakers. Moore in his early recovery is wearing Onitsuka Tiger TG-22 for training, it is a pair of Blue Ribbon Sports company was mistaken when selling running shoes jump shoes. Moore's X- ray shows a third metatarsal cracks, Bowerman asked to see his shoes, then it will be torn shoes. He found that although the heel and forefoot cushion sponge, but there is no arch support. Bowerman exclaimed: "If we make shoes make metatarsal injuries that cheap jordans for sale our level, but so, but shoe outsole rubber wear the same will be like tortilla." In order to correct mistakes TG-22's, Bowerman created a running shoe, sole internal use of the cushion, forefoot and heel top with soft foam, with hard foam heel middle and solid outsole. In June 1965, he was sent to the company which Onitsuka shoes and sample introduction. Kenny & middot; mole shoes Once a month, Morimoto has responded, indicating that he is required to produce a training shoe, but Onitsuka Company "heel use foam, some opposition." Despite the opposition, Bowerman or advocate heel use foam, heel tendon think it helps to relieve the problems. That summer, Moore recover from stress fractures, wearing running shoes Bowerman latest design ran over 1,000 miles. The original Onitsuka shoes in the heel and forefoot cushion has two distinct, narrow heel. This shoe finally evolved into a full palm bottom Bowerman originally envisaged, this feature eventually become a major selling point of this shoe. In the end, Onitsuka company in early 1967 will Bowerman design & nbsp; Tiger Cortez & nbsp; introduced to the market, defined as: the world's best long-distance running shoes to wear. Forefoot and heel soft foam midsole cushioning can help, and high-density outsole is more durable wear. Nike Cortez Consumers liked this shoe. Cortez & nbsp; (Forrest Gump shoes) is the first stable and comfortable and suitable for street shoes. It looks cool, with the running to become an American favorite leisure activities, Cortez also debut. And, this shoe with Bowerman and his 1967 launch of the "jog" a book and very popular. When Knight and Bowerman stopped by the Blue Ribbon Sports company imports and sales of running shoes, and after the creation of Nike sneakers as design and manufacturer, Cortez & nbsp; also be brought to the new brand. This shoe also Bowerman access to innovative patents in the bottom cushion. July 1973, "runners world" & nbsp; (Runner's World) & nbsp; the & nbsp; Nike Cortez & nbsp; called "America's most popular long-distance running training shoes." 1973 ?? & nbsp; Nike Cortez & nbsp; ad 1977 ?? & nbsp; Nike Cortez & nbsp; ad windfall waffles brought Cortez & nbsp; (Forrest Gump shoes) just Bowerman's first known work, received eight registered patents, including heel supports, improved layout and cushion spikes spikes plate. It's ju foamposites for cheap st design the lightest running shoes he continued to pursue his career in the first success stories. Nike's first full-time employee Jeff & middot; Johnson & nbsp; (Jeff Johnson) & nbsp; when it comes to design early Bowerman said:. "He thinks he can make a better running shoes to subvert the public has been accepted About attachment grip, cushioning, biomechanics and even shoes anatomical philosophy. " Next Bowerman trying to get no metal spikes running shoes in a variety of ground has excellent grip. In 1970, he found a solution from a breakfast, he saw plate waffles recess gathered a lot of syrup and thus get inspiration. He thought: "If the waffles reversed by a material made like waffles, like grid-like what?" So, he takes up the home baking waffles, made with melted urethane "batter." Unfortunately, Bowerman began to forget a coat release substances in the oven, "batter" stuck to the pan. Nevertheless, he insisted, and design a flexible, lightweight and flexible rubber material, the surface was raised grid, it has a strong grip. Blue Ribbon Sports company's employees quickly in the upcoming public waffle outsole US Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene in 1972. Nylon uppers from Japan, with a production of Eugene with rubber hand-cut waffle outsole, Blue Ribbon Sports company's early employees Jeff & middot; Hollister & nbsp; (Geoff Hollister) & nbsp; will both stick up system created out of a partial track and field athletes in Hayward & nbsp; (Hayward Field) & nbsp; for training or competition wearing new shoes. US astronaut Since the shoe in the soil will leave a unique imprint after the walk, so this handmade shoes are called "moon shoes", symbolizing the completion of that era, "Apollo" moon mission When leaving footprints on the moon. The first generation of moon shoes rough work, but runners like waffle outsole brings a sense of grip and wear, thus quickly spread word of mouth. Bowerman later to further improve the design concept, introduced in 1974, the iconic & nbsp; Waffle Trainer & nbsp; training shoes. rubber waffle outsole on the buckle brings flexibility and cushioning effect not only attracts elite athletes, running every day people are charmed. "Times" wrote: "This shoe attract a large number of amateur runners leg abrasions." Waffle Trainer training shoes Nike sports shoes into the global arena, and its development has cre Cheap foamposites for sale ated unprecedented conditions. As the original creator and founder, Bowerman leaving wealth will always make people think of the waffle outsole, as many amazing inventions, more simple and understandable things tend to quickly produce a wide range of resonate. Today, in addition to Nike shoes into the generations & nbsp; Waffle Trainer & nbsp; element of training shoes, running shoes as well as innovative Bowerman made a number of other contributions, including elevator shoes heel, nylon uppers and full hands at the end. Nike shoes dream has been evolving, but Bowerman is committed to creating the best level allows players to play the product philosophy has always been to promote the Nike innovation culture. Existing shoe technology is a good example, as & nbsp; Nike Free & nbsp; outsole, Nike Flyknit & nbsp; closely knit upper support. at Wake Forest University in NCAA elite stands can be considered is unknown, the NBA to transport personnel is also one of the few; despite entering the NBA the number of rare, but the quality is quite high, in addition to Josh & middot; Howard, Jeff & middot; Teague such practical all star players, like Chris & middot; Paul and Tim & middot; Duncan this still active in the NBA superstar. Today, the protagonist is the seemingly dull, will "Epee no front & middot; Qiao work to play to the extreme of Tim & middot; Duncan. dial back in the 1996 NBA draft, a closed eyes can be chosen to star in, almost all the Lotto team are improvised and return, everyone began to focus on next season's draft to preheat the, their top target nature is Wake Forest University seniors Tim & middot; Duncan, the earlier commitment "to complete the mother wishes to completing four years of college professional psychology and get the degree to participate in the draft," the big man in university period will inside skills polished to a level of perfection, has been popular to the "as long as candidates, is the champion of the point. and when the Spurs didn't seem to be coming out from the 1995 playoffs the Rockets swept out of the shadows, unruly Rodman was sent to the Chicago bulls have, and living in the best 72-10 record of the history of the face; David · Robinson is inside the isolated situation, unfortunately 1996-1997, at the beginning of the season by the foot injury, almost the entire season, "by Tim · scout Duncan NBA, histor Cheap foamposites for sale y of the first big vanguard" remarks "bewitched" Popovich this season to put rotten to the end, and to get the 1997 NBA draft pick, market rumors, the same Huiyanshizhu "cardinal" Auerbach had called Popovich, said the green army with all the valuable possessions for the champion spurs sign, but how will be the wave of the green army reconstruction failed for many years Attracted; after that, as you see, the Spurs signed the champion with 18 years, every year in the playoffs, for 16 consecutive years 50+ wins, 5 championship. is now part of the wonderful moment brought Duncan College highlights. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! (when the official exchange group 3:197899201)0.jpg (265.53 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 1.jpg (265 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 2.jpg (308.01 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 3.jpg (287.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 4.jpg (393.32 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 5.jpg (523.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 6.jpg (485.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 7.jpg (443.98 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2016-4-7 upload at 14:29 8.jpg (245.29 KB, download times: 〉adidas_adizero_rose-11.jpg (176.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-2 20:12 upload brand series: adidas Performance Adidas TS adizeroChristopher · Nolan, in 2008, made the world crazy with a "Batman" movie! "Batman: The Dark Knight" is almost win as the box office and word of mouth, is much darker and mature works than before "Batman", make the whole world have set off a "bat" frenzy. It is worth mentioning that, in our superhero stories, there is no classic pair of sneakers. In the early 90s, when Michael Jordan got his first 3 consecutive championships, the Batman movie came out with second and third movies, and Batman, the film star Michael Keaton, was wearing a special Air Jordan VI Batman boots to finish a wonderful fight scene. Whether Air Trainer III or Air Jordan VI, it can be seen that Nike and Jordan affect contemporary popular culture and lead the trend. Nike World Basketball Festival WBF 2012 Nike Basketball Fireberry suit 2013-12-08 22:18:04 in the World Basketball Festival saw Nike launch of the Washington note and Jordan Brand don't suit the launch of the World Basketball Festival Suite, to celebrate this World Basketball Festival from the United States to expand overseas, Nike and World Basketball Festival launched Fireberry theme dress shoes, the four Fireberry color Nike shoes are Nike LeBron 9 Low, Nike Zoom Kobe VII, Nike Zoom and Nike Hyperfuse 2012 Lunar Hyperdunk 2012, this four shoes will be officially on sale in the U.S. local time August 4th. The World Basketball Festival will be launched in Washington tomorrow, followed by the opening of Paris station on the weekend, and the final field of the World Basketball Festival will be held in Barcelona on the following weekend.As we look to next year Air Jordan series engraved shoes, Jordan Brand also did not forget to launch new shoes for us. This time, a new Jordan will be released next year for the Future Low show in our eyes, the new blue mesh fabric covering the shoe body, and the black and white lining outsole and collocation. BbsImg141988100148772_640_420.jpg (48.24 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Future Low, royal blue and white color 2014-12-30 08:54 upload Street fashion attention Agenda held in New York the big apple, we continue to bring the scene on foot of shoes for everyone, and the shoe fans Yeezy Boosy for having heard it many times 350 V2, 1 Air Jordan Retro High OG Top Three and NikeLab Air; Presto Mid Neon is still the leading event for. 2017-01-27_123936.jpg (452.71 KB, download number: 139) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-27 17:06 upload 2017-01-27_123958.jpg (452.48 KB, download number: 139) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-27 17:06 upload 2017-01-27_124017.jpg (408.64 KB, download number: 139) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-27 17:06 upload 2017-01-27_124040.jpg (503.81 KB, download number: 138) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-27 17:06 upload 2017-01-27_124159.jpg (436.43 KB, download number: 140) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-27 17:07 upload 2017-01-27_124119.jpg (444.41 KB, download number: 139) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-27 17:06 upload 2017-01-27_124100.jpg (458.51 KB, download number: 139) download Agenda New York shoes foot highlights 2017-1-270Designed for women, PUMA Kylie for Jenner to create new shoes, "Core Fierce" in April 5, 2016 /0 review / in: shoes information / through: SneakerDailyKanye West had previously said on the social networking platform to maintain cooperative relations will always be Kylie Jenner and Adidas Kylie, but Jenner does not seem to think so, after Kylie Jenner and PUMA signed a contract, issued to her first PUMA shoes. The design of the core of this pair of shoes is to belong to women's shoes as the starting point, the upper with waterproof cloth materials, collocation on mesh uppers, make the whole more breathable, the shoe body is similar to the design of slip-on shoes, easy to wear off. This section is issued 4 kinds of color, respectively, black, gray, red, white. PUMA will be published in the next few weeks the release of news, interested friends please pay more attention to our reports. Source / HIGHSNOBIETY?anyShare to label: Fierce Core, Kylie Jenner, PUMA 436620 SneakerDaily 2015/12/logo44-1.png SneakerDaily2016-04-05 06:00:452016-04-05 06:35:11 designed for women? PUMA to create new shoes for Kylie Jenner " Fierce Core" you may love Japan limited! PUMA Trinomic Disc Blaze Leather Japanese exclusive series of sale information Stampd x Puma minimalist aesthetic movement? PUMA R698 " joint attack again!; EXOTIC" exclusive girl has landed a sneak preview of Stampd x PUMA joint shop shoes third bomb PUMA x UEG 2016 PUMA Eskiva series of new joint winter Boxing Boots series released the full sense of the future of Rihanna X. PUMA Fenty TrDSports players adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2013 Fall Winter footwear 2013-07-23 12:03:39 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network July 23 hearing, experienced a plagiarism scandal remains unshakeable Jeremy Scott to launch new works, popular but also did not cut. It had been first exposed adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2013 autumn and winter shoes if once again will be the focus of street, after reading the animal series of shoes, overwhelmed by adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott once again fall and winter quarters additional Funny shoes. With colors and tropical palm tree graphic design of high-top sneakers have a season of rebellion thinking, in addition to build with serpentine fashion footwear and sneakers with a taste yellow chunk mesh wrapped, will constitute the focus . Interested friends may wish to reference. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Related newsDuring the Paris men's week suction eye styling has let us insight into Wu Yifan "extraordinary" wear make go, into the sample room, was immediately taken to their own brand KV, and photo excited. Immediately, Adidas Originals7 months focus on clothing and shoes aroused his strong interest, feeling into the tide of heaven. Then listen carefully to the introduction of Adidas Originals product specialist, Wu Yifan, who has a solid color and minimalist style, can not help but pick up a few pieces of black and white simple Tee and ZX Flux shoes to display the shaping skills". As a Sneakerhead, he was also interested in working with the staff to explore the ZX Flux series of the past and present, as well as the distinction between ZX Family shoe money. In the face of this pair and build on the 1989 ZX 8000 new shoes, he is full of modern sense of science and technology of the avant-garde appearance too much to part with it. And when he and Fan Bingbing as propaganda, Wu Yifan temporarily remove the "idol burden", began to display their funny "skills", the site attracted laughter.Korean invasion Reebok x 2PM Pump Fury HLS 2013-12-08 22:30:08 Pump Fury HLS is Reebok's classic shoes Pump Fury improved style, it is lighter than the predecessor, wearing more comfortable. This year, Reebok teamed up with three stars from China, Japan and Korea to launch a "Artist Collection" series. The Pump Fury HLS introduced here is a joint venture launched by Reebok for the Korean popular man group 2PM. This joint style middle sole ink design, great texture, vamp uses tear canvas with synthetic leather to create mixed after exudes a kind of Outdoor style.