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Time: 2007-05-26 08:34 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association on May 23rd to 24, 2007 "colorful Feituo shoes industry Feng Qin" autumn orders will be held in more than 70 Feituo headquarters, agent / franchisees from around the country participated in the fair. "Colorful maple, autumn flying ostrich Qin" order the goods design inspiration from the Olympic rings, including: colorful rings from the color blue yellow black green and red maple, symbol of autumn, on behalf of the staff of qin. The goods in the May 23rd to 24, 2007 "colorful Feng Qin Feituo shoes industry" autumn orders will be held in more than 70 Feituo headquarters, agent / franchisees from around the country participated in the fair. "Colorful maple, autumn flying ostrich Qin" order the goods design inspiration from the Olympic rings, including: colorful rings from the color blue yellow black green and red maple, symbol of autumn, on behalf of the staff of qin. The goods on display on the theme: the main push, men's casual shoes / gentleman, ladies, four districts, each district are arranged on site designers to explain various kinds of goods business structure, fashion elements and selling items, time to market knowledge. (Editor: admin)Time: 2015-10-11 23:22 source: unknown author: leaf Click: second, according to customs statistics, in the first 8 months of this year, China's import and export value of 15 trillion and 670 billion yuan, down 7.7% over the same period last year (the same below). Among them, exports of 8 trillion and 950 billion yuan, down 1.6%; imports of 6 trillion and 720 billion yuan, down 14.6%; trade surplus of 2 trillion and 230 billion yuan, an increase of 80.8%. In August, the total value of China's imports and exports was 2 trillion and 40 billion yuan, down 9.7%. Among them, the export of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, according to customs statistics, the first 8 months of this year, China's import and export value of 15 trillion and 670 billion yuan, representing a decrease of 7.7% over the Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale same period last year (the same below). Among them, exports of 8 trillion and 950 billion yuan, down 1.6%; imports of 6 trillion and 720 billion yuan, down 14.6%; trade surplus of 2 trillion and 230 billion yuan, an increase of 80.8%. in August, China's total import and export volume was 2 trillion and 40 billion yuan, down 9.7%. Among them, exports of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan, down 6.1%; imports of 836 billion 100 million yuan, down 14.3%; trade surplus of 368 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 20.1%. the first 8 months, China's footwear exports amounted to 3 million 60 thousand tons, exports amounted to 222 billion 260 million yuan, down 3.4%. Among them, in August the number of footwear exports in the month was 450 thousand tons, the export amount of 23 billion 110 million yuan. (Editor: leaf) Saturday Nike released air jordan 7 Marvin the Martian color, into the Barcelona summer style design, colorful and mysterious, I do not know whether there is a harvest your heart? Although the color is just on sale, but we cannot ignore the morale of the fake shoes manufacturers, there is no false Marvin the Martian color shoes market now, none of us said is not good. So if you through unofficial channels to purchase this color, welcome to landing dunkhome forum please [when customer identification of two great God and many enthusiastic shoes friends for you distinguish distinguish between true and false. As for today this pair of ben999 is identified as true Jordan Air 7 Mars Ma Wen, do you have a different opinion? (original post address: ) search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!after a lapse of 20 years, Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" will officially return at the end of this year, the news is enough to make ev Cheap foamposites for sale ery Sneakerhead excited extremely. Today, Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" for the first time in the network exposure details of spy photos, while retaining the classic design at the same time, the original XI heel 23 words is No. 45 replaced, become the new logo embroidery. No. 45 was the number worn by Michael Jordan after retiring for the first time, and was also a tribute to his brother's choice. At the end of the year, "Space Jam" chose such details, and I believe it was also a review of the past. In December 23rd this year, Air Jordan XI "Space Jam" will be officially released, we are waiting at the same time, we must pay attention to our updated reports for you at any time. for love shoes and fashion culture friends, yesterday micro-blog and friends must have been this pair of China defined "NAI KE" Air Force 1 High Shuabing! Chinese, "Nike", logo, classic red and white color and so on, make these shoes full of gimmicks, and today NOWRE will send you a more comprehensive exclusive map tours. This pair of 's "NAI KE" China Limited special edition Air Force 1 High uses a specially designed white red shoe, the classic Nike Swoosh logo weakened to the upper right corner more in the middle of the "NAI KE" placed Chinese phonetic alphabet (pinyin unfortunately wrong), and two special shoe bag box the use of Yuanyang design a red and white. The shoe itself is white shoes red collocation details set, the upper rear of the "Nike" with Chinese embroidery element characteristic, also deliberately create a 80s effect of high quality leather shoes leather uppers made this pair of shoes full texture; Swoosh selection of suede material set, and the bottom part of the ankle straps, red echoes, is full of Old School retro flavor. Nike Air Force 1 High "NAI KE" special edition in January 14th in the country designated Nike stores in the sale of the same field, and the same series of T-Shirt coat vest, a single product, as China shoes culture supporters, are you going to have a pair of?Reebok Pump Fury white / Grey / blue co cheap foamposites lor debut of 2013-12-08 23:00:53 yesterday to bring you a pair of white / gray / green color Reebok Pump Fury, today we are going to bring a pair of new color for everyone. This color matching uses the sky blue as the main color, and also with white gray embellishment, is it more refreshing than yesterday?This touch of blue ecstasy New Balance 996 days blue 2013-12-08 22:58:20 before, for everyone to introduce the 2013 quarter of the new color matching New Balance 996, this time to bring you a similar to the North Carolina blue color version of the map reward. Sky blue suede material with mesh fabric, with gray 3M reflective material "N" logo, the combination of all ecstasy elements makes the whole shoe exudes a very attractive feeling. It is reported that this shoes will soon be on shelves, you want to start friends really have to be prepared, visual inspection of this color will be a spike version. global network - brand shoes [dynamic] at the beginning of April, MIZUNO golf to push new products, combined with high waterproof performance and comfortable performance "comfortable waterproof all-weather" concept of golf shoes officially landed all franchised stores. From last year's waterproof breathable type, into the evolution of ion-mask and Cool Breathes technology, MIZUNO golf shoes on excellence, and strive to bring consumers a more fit feeling. 〈br mizuno="" "comfortable="" waterproof="" all-weather"="" concept="" of="" golf="" shoes="" listed the introduction of ultra light waterproof series, not only can prevent rain infiltration, shoes inside can maintain a long time comfortable state. In the sole, although there is no detachable spikes, but used can improve the grip performance IG MULTI nails, with higher grip, improve the process of hitting ball flight distance and direction stability. The ultra light design not only reduces energy consumption, but also solid support your feet, bringing unprecedented comfort. it is learned that MIZUNO Golf "comfortable waterproof all-weather" Retro jordans for sale concept shoes have landed all over the shop, the price is 1380 yuan / double. at the same time, MIZUNO Golf also launched the "shoes to play farther, experience stability and comfort perfect combination" site experience activities. Customers who buy golf shoes from MIZUNO stores can receive 48 yuan worth of golf socks. The first entrance of China shoe industry - Vans this summer to bring a new UltraRange shoes, the shoes launched in Vans Vault and Vans Pro Skate ArcAd high-end regional high-end slide line, known as the UltraRange Pro, the former UltraRange UC LX is a US Lookbook foot Book shoes today. the shoes not only the continuation of a skate DNA Vans brand, has also brought a lot of new design elements, and will be the exclusive brand accumulation in which the integration of science and technology. Which is extremely comfortable, fit the foot? LuxLiner technology inside, waffle bottom with UltraCush Lite foam corrosion and convex bottom of the epicenter. shoe body retains many traditional classical details Vans, Sidestripe side stripes visible, showing half moon retro toe edge, with easy to wear off the heel of the tab, use both texture and practical leather and ballistic nylon cloth. The first series of Vans Vault black, white and blue three color, has begun landing major Vans Vault shop in May 20th. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (67) share to micro-blogOlympic two signings Olga and Galina in this year WTA Rome Open partner played [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Olympic tennis field in the signing of three players will debut Olympic tennis doubles game. Belarus player Olga & middot; Jiawoersuo baby will partner current world number one singles champion Azarenka, launched the most powerful impact to the doubles gold medal. Pick two other beautiful players strong, Kazakhstan Worth Copperfield Isinbayeva top player will join Stanishev Dova (currently ranked fifth in the world doubles), and from Poland, Hans wi Cheap jordans online ll and Russell ska (doubles Ranked 38) pairing. By then, the London Olympic tennis stadium, the Olympic blowing a whirlwind. Three Olympic tennis players in the field, in addition to have the same good image on the competitive level is quite a lot. Olympic tennis camp score most outstanding player is Galina & middot; Worth Copperfield Isinbayeva, the current WTA singles ranking at 46, doubles World No. 32. 183cm tall for her opponents on the court can give a strong pressing force. The earliest work together with the Olympic Olga & middot; Jiawoersuo baby since 2010, were harvested in the net, Birmingham, New Haven major tournament doubles titles, was born in 1988, she is a step toward maturity . Pick signing players from Poland Hans career ITF singles champion also won doubles titles and a WTA doubles title, currently ranked No. 40 in the world doubles. Games, the Olympic very promising accompanied by signing players stand together to the highest podium, with Olympic delegation before the signing of the six countries, Pick "champion partner" tradition is bound to be renewed at the Olympics, the Olympic selection Resources signed strategic vision worthy of recognition. Olympic experience as well as excellent results achieved in the field in basketball, it is clear that the presence of positive significance to the promotion of tennis products. Basketball has always been strong and brave man field to Pick image appears in the tennis field feminine vigorous show the other side. Olympic tennis series products for women tennis shoes offer more professional choice, laying a solid foundation for the brand in the sports field for moving forward. Olympic tennis products more focus on the combination of professionalism and fashion, through the promotion of international events, demonstrating excellent spokesperson will feature Olympic tennis products, so that more foreign markets to understand the Olympic extensive product categories, to enhance international awareness Pick, Pick conducive to open up a huge internationa Cheap air jordans for sale l market with unlimited potential. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)pioneer, the young team, has also become a regular player in the playoffs under the leadership of Damian Lillard. In the history of sports, every time a higher intensity event comes, the sports brand will introduce the new edition, which will be used by the competitors. Adidas D Lillard 1 "Playoffs" is just like this. The details on the combination of "Rip City 'and' Weber State camouflage outsole 'wild animal, at first glance like a jungle beast, but also a symbol of destructive Dame Time coming. source: footlockerMulticolor has always been the most popular style of Flyknit uppers, and the seemingly disorganized mix of colors is the best way to show the beauty of the craft. NIKEiD has released Nike Kobe earlier X Elite Low iD will provide the 'Multicolor' option to upper news, I believe you still remember last year when ordering 9 generation open once because the short influx of very large orders lead to early under the framework of the situation? The researchers are interested in prospecting. Please prepare in advance to avoid disappointment. The 'Multicolor' shoe is expected to open at NIKEiD on October 22nd, at $245. source: NikeWhen the new definition of colorful animal pattern 2013 winter sports fashion women Adidas by Stella women sports fashion pioneer McCartney launched in 2013 autumn and winter, including gym, jogging, winter sports, tennis, yoga and other five series, the color spectrum and animal pattern design inspiration, the perfect combination of innovative materials, bring smooth lines, and movement for female consumers. adidas by Stella McCartney winter 2013 new day in Taiwan 6 Adidas sports professional series designated shops including Taipei Adidas point of sale, one flagship store, Beijing station square B2, Xinyi Xinguang A11 Hall 4 floor, 6 floor, three West Xinguang hall 12 floor Kaohsiung and Taichung Xinguang Hanshin Department Store Building 8. information: this year with the national team shirt at the Olympic Games in Rio Klay Thompson, at the foot of the endorsement of the U.S. version of ANTA KT1 also attracted a lot of attention, this time for the ANTA to the stars and the American flag color design for camouflage style to echo the theme. The design reference Falcon appearance of KT1, the composite shoe integrally molded, diamond mesh and welt V curve with the wearer, not only reduce the load as well as permeability, is the symbol of the white angel wings; arch supporting structure of TPU, with the front end of the outer bottom to emulate the foot sole of the human body composition way lines, help to stop or the instantaneous acceleration of actions such as fluency, to meet the Klay Thompson field of the game. Anta KT1 'USA Dream' can now be purchased at the official website of Anta, priced at 499 yuan. source: Nice KicksNike SB Dunk High PRM QS will be on sale tomorrow. We will be responsible for arranging the distributors' links for the current sales methods published in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the store owners. INTEGRAL03 a red sports leisure goods Heng sports 2/14 source: Nike, Inc small since last year after a visit to Europe, deeply felt love for the local football, usually on basketball shoes, I will look at the news of football boots. Because, in contrast, the contours of football shoes are more sleek, and some aspects show like the sense of flow of sports cars. And Adidas also published two double potential new works in the near future, ACE15 and X15, the science and technology that use and material are quite worth understanding. ACE15 adidas-debuts-new-soccer-boots-with-the-adidas-ace15-adidas-x15-2adidas-debuts-new-soccer-boots-with-the-adidas-ace15-adidas-x15-2 adidas-debuts-new-soccer-boots-with-the-adidas-ace15-adidas-x15-3adidas-debuts-new-soccer-boots-with-the-adidas-ace15-adidas-x15-3 383063383063 383061383061 adidas ACE15 designed for the key players on the court, featuring CONTROL, WEB, NSG (Non-stop, grip) material and EVA shock absorbers made of three layers of mixture. The first two use the 3D to process the upper shoe into a grid and match the dots to make the competitors' feet change as much as they want. As for the shock will provide good feedback and collocation hobnail grasping performance. In accordance with these characteristics, quite suitable for Bale, Mueller, Suarez and many other star selection. X15 adidas-debuts-new-soccer-boots-with-the-adidas-ace15-adidas-x15-1adidas-debuts-new-soccer-boots-with-the-adidas-ace15-adidas-x15-1 383070383070 383072383072 383065383065 adidas X15 is born for players who can change the game. The three layers of material form the X-SKIN upper to provide lightweight feel, the X-CLAW gives a good grip, and a fairly thin X-CAGE setting is attached to the heel to enhance the protection and fit the TECHFIT shoe collar to enhance cladding and comfort 〉 last year set off a shoe? Iverson signature engraved trend, the most popular shoes is of course the Answer IV, the double in 2001 as Iverson? In the preferred boots NBA championship at the time had a very high popularity, until this season can see every game with Jason Terry use this money to fight, except? Answer IV white red color now also announced another red color release date, time will be abroad this year? January 11th sale pricing is $115, Taiwan friends please look forward to more subsequent sale of intelligence. source: solecollector?We often talk about the Air Jordan 11 will hear many topics this is nothing more than double as one falls, another rises, called the Air Jordan series is the most classic masterpiece. The design inspiration comes from the lawn mower shell it, not only is the first double use of bright leather material design of the shoes, but also in the bottom is equipped with carbon fiber to enhance the protection, and the vamp of nylon cloth can effectively reduce the overall weight; in addition with the historical record of Michael Jordan in the 1995-1996 season in the record 72 wins and 10 losses, many revolutionary place undoubtedly laid the latter for its admiration. recently by the well-known foreign shoes website Sole Collector sort out 50 pairs of Air Jordan had never released 11 Sample now through a picture appreciation and review these dream stuff! Prototype year: 1995, photograph: @ballintwin Concord #45 Bred #45 year: 1995 year: 1995 Leather Upper year: N/A, source: paulbk329 Referee year: 1996, photograph: @poofyo101jumpmansneakers Cement year: 1996, photograph: @poofyo101jumpmansneakers White/Navy year: 1996, photograph: Phase2 White/Red year: 1996 year: N/A Wear-Test photograph: Phase2 Space, Jam #45 year: 2000, photograph: Sole Supreme Red Space Jam White/Orange year: 2000 year: 2000, photograph: @Carter1203 Concord with Lettering N/A Citrus year: year: 2000, photograph: Kenlu White/Navy Navy/White year: 2000 year: 2000 Black/White year: N/A Bred year: N/A White/Pink year: 2000, photograph: Ke NLU White/Pink year: 2000, photograph: Kenlu White/Pink year: 2000, photograph: Kenlu Zen Grey year: 2001, photograph: Phase2 White Snakeskin White/Pine Green-Zest-Varsity Red year: 2001 year: 2007, photograph: Kenlu White〉, a shoe shop from Boston, worked with Vans in such a late fall to bring a pair of Sk8-Hi LX shoes for this season's skateboard enthusiasts, Bodega. Type high shoes help collocation wonderful as the ice cream color, with charming rubber sole, and the canvas, suede and other materials, with the golden flower embroidery on the heel, visual like chrysanthemum. Air Jordan XXXI has been released since last year has become the new darling of the basketball court, Basketball League first began with NCAA, "March Madness NCAA" to bring a new series of Jordan Brand for it, this time around the "MICHIGAN", "UNC", "GEORGETOWN", "MARQUETTE" and "CALIFORNIA" five a popular design team, the team will sign color into Air Jordan XXXI Low shoes. It is reported that the series will be officially released on March 7th, the price of $160 U. S. dollars.