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Jordan CP3.VIII debut color marketing information 2014-10-11 13:19:23 day before Jordan Brand launched a new color for Paul's new shoes, the designers use blue to create a whole body of the shoe, and the reflective material of toe. Details of purple, yellow and orange decoration, brought us a very strong visual impact. And this color or will become the Jordan CP3.VIII devaluation color, will be on sale in November 1st, like a friend may wish to pay more attention to it. New Balance 577 new color is now available for sale at 2015-07-01 16:28:28 day before New Balance's classic shoes 577 launched a new color, the designers use carbon black with gray composed of uppers, combined with the use of carbon fiber material and fabric, make it filled with good texture, but also ensure the ventilation and comfort shoes, and low-key introverted. Is in line with the trend of game player's delight, the shoe has landed the part specified store, interested friends can pay attention. Nike LeBron 10 PE "breast cancer" discovered network 2015-02-11 15:28:33 Recently KD7 Aunt Pearl "Little Wings" heat gradually warming up, but today on eBay have a foreign seller released a pair of shoes Nike LeBron 10 PE "breast cancer" from the picture we can see in the heel position appeared "Kay Yow" sign. Quintana pink shoes, and then with the silver modified midsole and Swoosh Flag is to make shoes as a whole appears to be very brisk. However, high prices make many friends like these shoes prohibitive. Air Jordan 3 "Gucci" new definition of luxury 2013-12-08 23:48:20 Today, you bring a custom-branded Dank Customs and Absolelute create a joint Air Jordan 3 & nbsp; "Gucci" cleverly designed to decorate the front of the Air Jordan 3 very chic, full luxury connotation, in highlighting the texture of black leather material the use of the traditional red and green Gucci brand is decorated, it is worth mentioning that the materials used on the black leather embossed decoration to "GG" Logo words on display will be a new definition of luxury. Liberty x Vans Authentic shoes jointly released 2013-12-08 23:25:48 skateboard brand Vans & nbsp; from 2013 onwards it has maintained a high joint monthly rate, it can be said throughout the first half, Vans is definitely the king of the joint, the brand and fashion units numerous cooperation therewith. This, Vans and classic hand in the famous British department store brand Lib Cheap air jordans for sale erty, adopted in 2013 hot floral elements of the theme, to create a distinctive 5 & nbsp; Vans Authentic. Dear friends is not really looking forward to it? Nike Tiempo quality captains show style 2014-02-24 20:58:34 Recently, Nike released Tiempo '94 casual shoes, and invited the captains went into the studio to its large fashion shoot. Rock-solid Pique, Ramos blood Tough, uninhibited Carlos Tevez, precocious Guevara inside. The four players on the court have a unique style, life is the quality of them share a common pursuit. Through interviews and lens, they were about their own football story, but also to demonstrate the quality and style of Tiempo. Tiempo '94 football, players such as Ronaldo wearing Tiempo Premier invincible, ruthless. This spirit of tradition, Nike Tiempo Premier design inspiration, the improvement of this classic boots for everyday casual wear shoes Nike Tiempo '94. It is sewn black leather uppers, with a strong contrast with the white "swoosh" logo and eyelets decorations made of suede, deduce football aesthetics ahead of its time. Oversized, removable tongue, and heel yellow "swoosh" logo, representing the relentless pursuit of detail Nike - Nike powerfully demonstrated the attitude and the quality of today's football style. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the air max 90 birth, Nike in this season brings a series of commemorative color, including this cork cork design elements. The color has to the Nike China's official website sold out, overwhelmed and on April 25 by foreign shops sneaker politics sale, a sense of interested friends can go to buy. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: PoliticsSneaker 2012-2-9 upload and download attachments at 10:54 (159.15 KB) VEIL, following the collaboration with LI-NING last year, "Wild Emotion" series, has been well received. The continuation of the momentum, after nearly a year to bring a new development of outdoor boots, "MotoTie Boots" and "7-Holes Booats". The style of shoes design jumps off the style of sport that LI-NING excels in, thus developing new boots, shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes. Although it is less sporty, it is more fashionable. Two models Retro jordans for sale of shoes are made of leather and leather, and 7-Holes Booats is specially supplemented with Suede material to enrich the design of shoes. The most dazzling place is undoubtedly the heel of the laser similar color cashew pattern, VEIL logo also cleverly hide it. The tongue of this shoe design india engraved with the theme "Mountain Soul" pattern makes the overall more outdoor style. Givenchy 2012 winter overturn conservative show boots may be through Kany West and many other celebrities and blessings, not only is the fashion industry, even the trend for molecular Givenchy this elegant and creative brand more attention. In the recent 2012 Givenchy winter show, we have demonstrated the unique shoes of this "double high" style. Riccardo Tisci said: "this boot combines three different kinds of shoes, not only leather and flannel surfaces, but also Oxford elements, but the high hand styles tend to be sneakers.". How unique, how creative, we think only talent, such as Riccardo, Tisci and other talents want to come out. Givenchy 2012 autumn and winter to subvert the conservative show boots Givenchy 2012 winter and autumn to subvert the conservative show on boots[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] US team after a lapse of 16 years and finally in 2015 Women's World Cup defeat to Japan, won the championship again. But in this battle, the winner is not the only American team. Various brands would never indulge opportunity, competing to win the public eye on the world stage. According to social media monitoring company, although FIFA Women's World Cup, Adidas is the official sponsor, but Nike is this remarkable enough (product) ball (Licensing) ratio (tear) race (war) is the biggest winner! On Monday, the US team in the Canadian Women's World Cup final in 5: 2 victory over defending champions Japan, following the 1991 and 1999 after the third won the championship. The current Women's World Cup finals in the ratings also a great success: more than 25 million viewers watched Fox this by the United States and Japan duel, breaking the 1820 soccer World Cup last year, people in the ratings in the group stage in Portugal made the United States VS record, and the game also gave Fox Sports brings more than $ 17 million in sponsorship revenue. This final attracted a large audience in the eye - is twice the number of visitors the last Women's World Cup is still more concerned about the football game and the American television viewers cheap jordans than any time in the history. This means that the game is for a major consumer brands the opportunity to brand message delivery. In fact, many brands really have got a lot of game logo and advertising resources, including Coca-Cola and Visa account, they are an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. But according to marketing firm Amobee Brand Intelligence, said Nike (Nike), not even an official sponsor of FIFA, in fact, is the biggest winner in this final. From the start of the race, the company has on the situation of social media for as long as six hours of monitoring. The company on Twitter above 2,870,000 and US Women's National Team and the Women's World Cup-related tweets tracked. This information is majority (1.08 million) have used #USA tag this topic, there are about 690,000 used #USWNT (US Women's National Team) in the topic of labels, it is clear that the game is full of American patriotism. There are about 630 000 pieces of information about the game itself uses the topic of labels, there are about 98,000 pieces of information used #FIFAWWC (FIFA Women's World Cup). In these messages, Nike also accounted for a large part of the GDP. According Amobee said Nike is before the game and during the game these tweets in the most frequently mentioned brands. In the United States on Sunday 19:00 to 11:00 Monday morning, within this period of time, around the World Cup, tweets associated with Nike has 26,000, and tweets related to the same period in 2453 only Adidas. Amobee said that between June 6 to July 5 date, associate degree Nike and Adidas World Cup is beyond (Adidas) more than 121%. The following are around the United States win the World Cup victory of real-time tweets circumstances: This Adidas is really a heavy blow ah, because it is the FIFA World Cup's official shirt sponsor. And only the United States Women's National Team Nike sponsors, but the actual result is sufficient to explain the deal more cost-effective, but also more influential. In addition, Nike also launched a number of American players out of the country have large advertising, the marketing campaign in order to make greater contact surface, Nike on Twitter use containing #NoMaybes (no maybe) the topic labels to expand the spread. According Amobee said that in the United States on Sunday 19:00 to 11:00 Monday morning this time, the topic of tweets containing #NoMaybes tag reached about 10,000. Adidas football related topics lab new jordans shoes for sale el is #BeTheDifference (heterogeneous rise). Amobee, which was founded in 2005, in 2012 by Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) acquired marketing company adds, with 16 minutes to complete the first ever Women's World Cup finals, "trick" the American midfielder Players Cali? Lloyd (Carli Lloyd) is mentioned in tweets highest number of players, the mention of her name tweets information on more than 120,000. In some contexts, the frequency ratio 30 MLB teams in the final day of the frequency of her social media mentioned even higher 200 percent. Nike as the US national team shirt sponsor at the same time, many US women's national sponsorship agreement, there are other players in the body, which is the promotion of these brands has played a very big role. Christen Press is an American professional brand water baby sunscreen (Coppertone) new brand ambassador, veteran Abby Wambach and Gatorade and Panasonic and other brands also signed a personal sponsorship agreement, while goalkeeper Hope Solo has been a Nike soccer marketing campaign central figure . Recently, Adidas has been in the struggle in the United States, its market share has been lower than competitors shoes Nike; and in terms of sportswear, Adidas's market share is lower than Nike and upstart Dema (Under Armour). Adidas is the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) sponsors, but in the NBA after his contract expires next season, Adidas will no longer be the three major US sports leagues to any one of the official sponsors. The German sports brand is still the highest worldwide brand and football-related degree, but the United States is not the only competitive advantage of the brand in the market. Nike has made great progress in the football field, the two brands in the United States engaged in a fierce competition to compete for market share. Sponsored by Nike C Ronaldo, Messi sponsor Adidas; Nike sponsored 11 national team participating in this Women's World Cup, Adidas sponsored six. Although the Adidas behind Nike, but Adidas World Cup is not a failure. Digital media on top of the situation, Amobee the brand ranked in the World Cup this year and all brands associated with the second place among the rest of the top 10 brands are Chevrolet (Chevrolet), Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola), Visa, one hundred Granville (Budweiser), AT & amp; T, Kia (Kia Motors), Marriott (Marriott) and one hundred million AIDS (Mondelez). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional co-brand footwear News: Chinese sports shoes Network)XII LeBron has long been the world's major shopping malls, all kinds of online and offline stores on sale, the first seven of the remaining two color matching color will also come on stage before the arrival of 2015. This time, there are few people to focus on before the hot LeBron XI. But the Internet again released a hornet color LeBron XI, it is reported that the promotion of shoes, is now available on ebay. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.In recent years PUMA continued to launch engraved shoes series of stunning, in the glorious history of the classic review, technical performance has also been a significant change in the show. The autumn and winter of 2014, PUMA is the most popular one of the classic shoes XR1 OG 1:1 replica exciting struck again. In 1990s the PUMA is of great significance, innovation movement performance during this period reached the peak of the footwear products at the time, PUMA Trinomic technology at a technology outbreak of the peak of the era, leading the industry for decades to help PUMA. Light athletics shoes XR1 first released in 1990, according to its special features and design track. XR1 OG with its excellent design appearance quickly set off a boom in the game. PUMA Trinomic technology of functional collocation can complement each other, synthetic mesh uppers, excellent efficacy. This lightweight running shoes with a runway logo transparent, with decorative effect of vamp splash. The highlights of these highly personalized design are in the XR1 OG replica on eleven reproduce, which shows the good intentions of designers. PUMA CREAM series is designed to carry a modern interpretation of the history of the classic, XR1 OG ranked among the natural. The new sale now, love friends please pay attention. 141136847769534.jpg (93.25 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA TRINOMIC XR1 OG 2014-9-22 15:45 upload 20140922145028_84154.jpg (318.75 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA TRINOMIC XR1 OG 2014-9-22 15:45 upload 20140922144959_63256.jpg (100.18 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA TRINOMIC XR1 OG 2014-9-22 15:44 upload 20140922145015_41731.jpg (111.76 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA TRINOMIC XR1 OG 2014-9-22 PUMA TRINOMIC XR1 00 15:45 uploadTime: 2007-11-16 09:58 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click on the 1-9 months of 2007 China's footwear exports 6 billion 600 million pairs or kg, $19 billion 200 million, the average price of $2.89 / kg or two, respectively over the same period last year growth of 10.9%, 16.7% and 5.3%. The European Union (27 countries) involved in anti-dumping leather shoes exports to the EU the number 92 million 310 thousand, than the same period last year (100 million 700 thousand) decreased by 8.3%; the export amount of $680 million, compared with the same period last year ($640 million) by 2007 1-9 months China's footwear exports 6 billion 600 million pairs or kg, $19 billion 200 million, the average price of 2.89 double or $/ kg, respectively over the same period last year growth of 10.9%, 16.7% and 5.3%. The European Union (27 countries) involved in anti-dumping leather shoes exports to the EU the number 92 million 310 thousand, than the same period last year (100 million 700 thousand) decreased by 8.3%; the export amount of $680 million, compared with the same period last year ($640 million) an increase of 6.3%; the average price of $7.39 / double, than the same period last year ($6.37 / double) growth of 16%. (editor in chief: admin)Star Games, Yao Ming has signed a sponsorship edge shoe shoe contract as Reebok spokesperson 2004-10-14 17:59:20 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close "Yao Ming shoe sponsorship contract has been officially signed, we will in the sub-Jin after the release of some information out of the race. "Yesterday," Team Yao "responsible person BenQ in Harbin told reporters, he refused to disclose any details of the negotiations, did not want to disclose who sponsors in the end is, but according to the reporter, Yao Ming and Reebok has signed. BenQ said that the reason you do not want to disclose this message during the Asian Championships, do not want this message to prepare for the impact of the Chinese team. In fact, on the 26th, the US ESPN website on the disclosure of this amazing news, news that Yao Ming and Reebok to sign a lifetime contract. The following are the reporters and BenQ's part of the dialogue - Reporter: Why Yao footwear sponsor to get it now, has been dragging for a year. BenQ: Nike's contract last year and before the end of May. Yao Ming's propaganda that period, should be Nike's own policies. Before the end of the contract and Nike, and others we do not talk. Reporter: Nike is the Chinese men's basketball team's sponsor, Yao Ming returned to China men's basketball team, then you have to wear Nike? Chapter: He is a Chinese team, definitely wear Nike clothing, but shoes are not only sponsorship issue, but also involves personal health problems, so should still wear their shoes. Reporter: Future sponsor will not give Yao a series, like Jordan series like that? Chapter: there is a possibility, but not yet determined. Reporter: Will sign a long contract, for example, lifelong? Chapter: If you do make a sneaker brand spokesperson, certainly can not be short-term. What is the concept of life-long, you do not think a player to a 90-year-old can also sell shoes? I think the players an old, certainly not as a spokesperson for sneakers reporter: this contract, what the obligations are to be borne by Yao Ming? Chapter: obligations and shoes are all brought to the same. To match with the company's products, the company's products with the public. Reporter: Reebok Iverson has been like this with a relatively wild people to do publicity, Yao endorsement Reebok appropriate? Chapter (laughs): You have asserted that Yao Ming and Reebok contract yet? This I do not want to comment, but it is certain that we will be very focused on protecting Yao brand. Reporter: O'Neal did not succeed in the shoes, how do you think Yao Ming shoe manufacturers to make a fortune, to sell more shoes? Chapter: Yao Ming and Shaquille O'Neal are not many similarities, from the sale of shoes speaking, if he can communicate with his audience, there is a spiritual dialogue on the form will affect fans, Yao Ming is such a person. Reporter: Yao on the court often directing his teammates, do you think he is now the team's spiritual leader do? Chapter: I can not say that he is the spiritual leader, because the national team a lot of good players, he was mature. I did not see him in command of the field between teammates, players in the field of communication is necessary. Finally, Chapter BenQ told reporters, Houston training began in the 30th, after the end of the Asian Championships, Yao Ming will soon fly to the United States. "Before, Yao Ming had intended to rest after the Asian Championships in two weeks, but because Championships postpone for two weeks, had to be adjusted in Houston." BenQ said. Related news